Our Approach

"The Floorplan"

No two investors are the same—and the same goes for stable investment strategies. Our "Floorplan" process lets you be at the start and center of the journey, with an up-to-date landscape analysis of Australia at your side every step of the way.

Tried, true, and always evolving

First, a Little History

In short, we're investors. But more importantly, we are parents, brothers, sisters, and individuals all at the same time. Every decision we make, every recommendation we give you, is an action we, ourselves, would be confident in making.

We took our collective decades of experience across many disciplines with our ambition for investment portfolio creation to create a process that puts the future you want just around the corner.

Who is the "Floorplan" designed for?

While you might at first think this process is designed for first-time investors. The reality is, the Floorplan is for everyone. We genuinely believe that whether you're on your first property or fiftieth, bringing together insights and experts of different fields, with your vision at the helm, creates value regardless of experience level.

Let's take a look


Strategy Session

Your needs are unique, whether it's capabilities or aspirations. In the Floorplan's initial stage, we work with you to create a personalised Investment Plan (PIP) based on you and whatever issues you may be facing right now. This is to understand your unique situation, your investment goals, and where you see yourself in the upcoming years.


Investment Planning

This stage is where we assess and discuss how we can implement your personalized plan to keep you on track. Using current market insights and your uniquely built strategy as a baseline, we create a decade-spanning blueprint you can keep—catered to your future filled with achievement.


Collaborative Execution

As the Floorplan starts gaining momentum, we bring in experts from diverse disciplines to round out your strategy and ensure it stands the test of time. Here, you will have access to our time-tested research and network, so you can make investment decisions based on data rather than opinion.


Portfolio Review

The property market is constantly evolving, so it's only natural that your plan should do the same. Whether you're a new investor or have been in the market for a while, we touch base every year to review and fine-tune your strategy based on your situation and the market. This way, you can be confident that you have a system that's adaptable and ahead of the curve.


Ongoing Guidance

Our aim throughout the Floorplan is to let every investor reach financial freedom. This means that we provide guidance for, insights on, and additions to your property portfolio on a lifetime basis.

The Floorplan is at its heart, adaptable and always evolving. From its first phase to forecasts, this process is how we make what we do, happen.

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