Why Australia?

Why Australia?


Estimated population


Gross domestic product


Consumer price index


Unemployment rate

27 years

Uninterrupted annual growth


Average weekly earnings

Australia is more than just numbers

How do we know?

It's the education.

Australia is home to universities ranked among the top 100 in the world. With over 1,000 institutes and over 22,000 courses to enroll in, there's a reason that parents worldwide make Aussie their children's destination for education.

...But there's also the safety and security.

The Overseas Security Advisory Council gives Australia record lows for crime rates, with the Human Development Index ranking us 2nd to 6th. Raising a family in Australia means safe, secure upbringings.

What about foreigners?

The Government of Australia lets non-locals invest freely in their future through the use of state-approved Free Hold Titles for properties. Success isn't selective in Australia.

Feel free to explore and heal

With trains, buses, trams, ferries, and more at your fingertips, Australia is open to you in full. Whether it's the countryside or a consultation, you'll always be where you need to be in Aussie.

There's your legacy in waiting

Since 1992, Australia's GDP has held steady at 3.2%, while putting a good work/life balance at the heart of progress. The Government of Australia boosted this even more with a secure, regulated policy framework for investors and entrepreneurs alike.

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